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TDB Projects is a commercial construction company based in Cambodia. We’ve been in Phnom Penh since 2014, entering the market as rapid urban development across the capital began shifting the way people live, work and socialise, creating a demand for new kinds of spaces to fit new lifestyles. Now we're also in Siem Reap, with plans to expand further across the country.

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At TDB we want to be an example of how to bring global standards in construction and fit-out to the Kingdom. Our commitment to excellence, precision and craft, combined with years of in-country experience and knowledge of the local market, supply chains and skill sets will help guide you through a construction landscape that is becoming increasingly complex. Our full service package ensures we’re with you every step of the way, and our in-house workshops, access to cutting-edge manufacturing technology and a trained pool of labour means we keep control over quality and cost.

As engineers and architects we are also champions of good design. We specialise in technical and complex architectural work, and by getting us involved in the pre-construction phase of a project we can also help translate your concept into a design that is buildable and guarantee a faster and more cost effective project delivery.

Design & Build

We turn ambitious designs into buildable projects


We deliver safe and long-lasting builds


We provide innovative solutions for your bespoke designs

to build a stronger cambodia

We're here for the long term. We want to make not only a positive but a lasting contribution to Cambodia's fast developing built environment by raising the standard of design and construction in the country.

TO BE the benchmark

Being an industry leader means leading by example. We champion open, honest and easy communication with our partners, clients and team members – with the knowledge that a better end result comes from smarter processes and stronger relationships.

TO continually improve

We welcome unique and complex projects because we learn a lot from the experience – and they drive us to improve and develop the capabilities needed to meet the challenges they bring.


A rising tide should lift all boats. As TDB grows, and we get better at what we do, the lives of all members of our team should get better too.


At the heart of what we do are the people that do it. Making long-lasting positive change across our industry means building strong, lifelong connections with our clients, partners and team. Get in touch so see how we can work together.