A great design on paper doesn't always easily translate into a work that's buildable in reality. As architects we love ambitious designs – and as engineers we understand how to take those ideas and bring them to life. We can smoothen out your concept by taking care of the technical details needed to ensure the final product can turn out how you expect – and then execute the project with a precision and quality rivalling any international practice. The design & build method means getting a contractor involved in the pre-construction phase of a project. Bringing together all experts from the beginning streamlines the entire process, keeps costs down and in the end creates a better finished product.
We’ve built our name in Phnom Penh as the go-to local provider of bespoke interior fit-out services. Cambodia’s best known brands come to us because of our proven technical capabilities backed by in-house manufacturing workshops – reducing the need to involve third parties and allowing us to keep control over the quality of our products. Our technical and architectural know-how means we love the challenge of a complex design, and our spaces are not only beautiful but functional, healthy and built to last.
As Cambodia’s construction landscape evolves, it becomes more important than ever to work with a trusted contractor that has expert knowledge of the local market, can anticipate future developments and can navigate a complex system with many moving parts. By delivering international standards with a focus on transparency, collaboration and easy, no-fuss communication between all stakeholders, we future proof your building and your business. Our builds are built to last.

At the heart of what we do are the people that do it. Making long-lasting positive change across our industry means building strong, lifelong connections with our clients, partners and team. Get in touch to see how we can work together.